Project Objectives


The circular economy is a key theme in the policies of the European Union. Achieving the goals in this direction, namely the reduction of carbon emissions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources could be at risk if the labor market is not able to create jobs linked to these activities. Knowledge, skills, values ​​and attitudes that reduce the impact of activities on the environment. The general objective of the project is to encourage the creation of a new startup with a business model based on the circular economy.

Specific Objective 1

Empowering and improving trainers capabilities by producing a collection of best practices and educational materials to teach the business coaches how to led potential startups for the circular economy in the field of waste

Specif Objective 2

Improve the institutional ecosystem for startups focused on circular economy, sensitizing policy makers to design a better legislation



Specific Objective 3

Getting a more complete awareness of startup creation trend locally based circular economy, with focus on the waste sector.

Expected Results


1. Improve the knowledge of training and training service providers on how to guide young / aspiring entrepreneurs in creating business in the circular economy environment

2. Increase the level of awareness of start-ups and companies on the circular economy processes at European level

3. Increased knowledge for policy maker to access a wide array of policies focused on circular economy from different countries.

4. Provide policy-makers with useful information to align and / or redirect policies to the current trend of start-up creation in the circular economy.

Project Main results:

1. Identification of skills to be promoted in entrepreneurs and available material to advance trainers teaching skills

2. Provide trainers with new teaching and training tools to improve their skills

3. Increase the knowledge of policy makers to access a wide range of policies focused on the circular economy of different countries.